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In Rocket, databases serve as the foundation for your project. They house your tables, data, and APIs. This documentation will guide you through managing your databases effectively.

Creating a New Database

Click here to check the docs for creating new database.

Managing Existing Databases

After creating databases, you can manage them effectively:

  • Delete Database: If you no longer need a database, you can delete it. Click the "Delete Database" button on the dashboard. Be cautious, as this action is irreversible. Confirm the deletion to remove the database from your project.

  • Selecting Database: To select a database, click the top right corner dropdown. Select the database you want. Once you select a database, Rocket with show all data (tables, data, apis) for the that database.

  • Table Management: Within each database, you can create and manage tables to structure your data efficiently.

  • Data Management: Populate your tables with data and manage the data within the database.

Field Validations

FieldData TypeMin LengthMax LengthDefault