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Deleting Data

If you need to remove data, you can do so directly from the user interface (UI) by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Your Database: Log in to your Rocket account and select the desired database from the database selector located at the top left corner of the interface.

  2. Access Data Page: In the left navigation menu, click on the "Data" link to access the Data page.

  3. Select Desired Table: Choose the table where you want to delete data from the list of tables. Click on the respective table to open it.

  4. Choose Data to Delete: Identify the specific row in the data table that you want to delete, then click on the delete button located on the left side of the table.

  5. Confirmation Prompt: Upon clicking the "Delete Data" button, a confirmation window will appear to ensure the action is intentional. Review the details and understand the consequences of deletion.

  6. Confirm Deletion: If you are certain about deleting the data, confirm your decision by clicking on the "Delete" or "Confirm" button within the confirmation prompt.

  7. Verification: Once the data is successfully deleted, verify the removal by ensuring the data is no longer listed within the data table.