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Database Creation Process

Creating databases within Rocket is a straightforward and intuitive procedure. Follow the outlined steps below to initiate the creation of a new database:

  1. Navigate to the Databases Page: Log in to your Rocket account and proceed to the database page by selecting the Database link from the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click "+ New Database": Positioned at the top right corner of the database page, locate and click the "+ New Database" button to open New Database page.

  3. Provide Necessary Details: Upon clicking the button, a new database creation page will be presented. Provide the following essential information to tailor your database:

    • Basic Details:
      • Name: Assign a descriptive name to your database for streamlined identification and management purposes.
      • Description: Offer a concise overview of your database's purpose, facilitating understanding for team members and collaborators.
      • Tags: Utilize tags to categorize your database, aiding in organizational efforts for future projects.
    • Database Stage:
      • Version: Specify the version of your database, facilitating efficient tracking of changes and updates.
      • Stage: Select the appropriate stage for your database from the available options: Development, QA, Staging, Production, Test.
    • Database Authentication:
      • Enable Basic Auth: Toggle this option if basic authentication is required for accessing the database.
      • Username: If basic authentication is enabled, provide the designated username for database access.
      • Password: Similarly, if basic authentication is enabled, assign a password for secure database access.
  4. Create Database: Upon completing the requisite details, finalize the process by clicking the "Submit" button.

  5. Access Your Newly Created Database: Your freshly minted database will now be accessible from the databases page. Navigate to it by utilizing the database selector dropdown, located conveniently below the Rocket logo on the top left corner of the page.