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Editing Databases

Editing databases within Rocket mirrors the simplicity of their creation. Follow the steps outlined below to refine your database settings:

  1. Access the Databases Page: Log in to your Rocket account and navigate to the database section by selecting the Database link from the left sidebar menu.
  2. Choose a Database: Identify the database you wish to modify from the displayed list.
  3. Initiate Editing: Click on the edit icon (depicted as a pen) situated in the top-right corner of the selected database's tile.
  4. Provide Necessary Information: Upon selecting the edit option, you'll be redirected to the database modification page. Update the following fields as required:
    • Basic Details:
      • Name: Assign a descriptive title to your database for streamlined identification and organization.
      • Description: Offer a brief summary outlining the purpose and scope of your database, aiding collaborators and team members in understanding its function.
      • Tags: Utilize tags to categorize your database, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval.
    • Database Stage:
      • Version: Specify the version of your database to facilitate tracking of changes and updates.
      • Stage: Select the appropriate development stage for your database from the available options: Development, QA, Staging, Production, Test.
    • Database Authentication:
      • Enable Basic Auth: Toggle this option to enable basic authentication for accessing the database.
      • Username: If basic authentication is enabled, specify the designated username for database access.
      • Password: Similarly, if basic authentication is enabled, provide a password for secure database access.
  5. Finalize Edits: After updating the necessary details, complete the process by clicking the "Submit" button.