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Editing Attributes

To edit attributes for a table in your Rocket account, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Your Database: Log in to your Rocket account and select the desired database from the database selector located at the top left corner of the interface.

  2. Access Tables: Proceed by clicking on the "Tables" link situated in the left navigation pane.

  3. Select Table: From the list of tables displayed, choose the specific table you wish to work with. Click on the respective table to open its details.

  4. Edit Attribute: Upon accessing the table, locate the attribute you wish to edit and click on the edit button associated with it. This will initiate the attribute editing process.

  5. Modify Attribute Details: After clicking the edit button, you'll be directed to the attribute editing page. Here, you can modify the following details:

    • Basic Details:

      • Name: Update the name of the attribute for clear identification and efficient management.
      • Description: Revise the description to provide an accurate overview of the attribute's purpose within the database.
    • Field Type:

      • Data Type: Adjust the data type of the attribute if necessary.
      • Enum Values: If applicable, modify the enum options associated with the attribute.
      • Optional: Change the optional status of the field if needed.
    • Field Configuration:

      • Unique: Update the uniqueness constraint of the field.
      • Indexable: Modify the indexing status of the field.
      • Searchable: Adjust the searchability of the field.
      • Sortable: Change the sorting capability of the field.
      • Editable: Modify the editability of the field.
      • Deletable: Adjust the deletability of the field.
  6. Save Changes: Once you have made the necessary modifications, click on the "Save Changes" button to apply the edits to the attribute.

  7. Review Changes: Review the attribute details to ensure that the modifications are accurately reflected.